Friday, December 3, 2010

my thanksgiving.

[22:49] jduffek: did i tell you i almost got my ass kicked by a 350lb dude at a bar on thanksgiving?
[22:49] jduffek: like 5 bouncers had to throw him out
[22:49] jduffek: lol
[22:49] Jim McKay: oh fuck, no
[22:49] jduffek: hahhaha
[22:49] Jim McKay: jesus
[22:50] Jim McKay: wish i was there
[22:50] Jim McKay: heh
[22:50] jduffek: cough
[22:50] jduffek: it was pretty funny
[22:50] jduffek: i never thought i was in super danger
[22:50] jduffek: made me shaky was just kinda funny
[22:51] jduffek: the dude was so big
[22:51] Jim McKay: was he shitfaced?
[22:51] jduffek: he walked in...and was loud
[22:51] jduffek: and it was obvious he was like...claiming his territory
[22:51] Jim McKay: lol
[22:51] jduffek: he looked like a taller israel (size wise) but was dressed kinda red-necky
[22:52] jduffek: some chick was at the bar and he started talkin shit to her
[22:52] jduffek: and she asked if he was a "coon-ass"
[22:52] jduffek: and got kinda pissy
[22:52] jduffek: real loud the whole time mind you
[22:52] jduffek: me and aaron we on the "side of the bar"
[22:52] jduffek: which is only like two seats
[22:52] jduffek: i turned to frost and was like "smoke time"
[22:52] jduffek: i hate loud fuckers
[22:52] Jim McKay: heh
[22:52] jduffek: we coem back from smokin
[22:53] jduffek: hes on "the side"
[22:53] jduffek: asks if we want our seats baack
[22:53] jduffek: but there was two seats right on the "corner"
[22:53] jduffek: next to him
[22:53] jduffek: so im like...were good no thanks
[22:53] Jim McKay: lol
[22:53] jduffek: he makes conversation...loud as fuck
[22:53] jduffek: says hes from brooklyn
[22:53] Jim McKay: ugh
[22:54] jduffek: he does have NY accent....
[22:54] jduffek: whatever
[22:54] jduffek: i say me and frost are from NY
[22:54] Jim McKay: :)
[22:54] jduffek: he comes over and dual head locks us and kinda pushes us into the bar
[22:54] jduffek: "funnny like"
[22:54] jduffek: but...still...asserting his stature...basically
[22:55] jduffek: from the moment he walked in i knew some shit was gonna get crazy....but now i really knew
[22:55] jduffek: i said something to frost...but i wasnt sure, i want to say, "i could take you" or something along those lines.
[22:55] jduffek: but anyway
[22:56] Jim McKay: heh
[22:56] jduffek: he offers to buy drinks
[22:56] jduffek: kinda put up with a certain amount of shit when that goes down....
[22:56] jduffek: then i ask..."so how long you been in austin"
[22:56] jduffek: and he gets all mafia on me "what the fuck you writing a book"
[22:56] Jim McKay: hah
[22:56] Jim McKay: go on
[22:56] jduffek: im like, "nah...ive only been here a few months, i like it....blah blah"
[22:57] jduffek: then he says shit (like our mutual friend does), "its cool not fuckin around"
[22:57] jduffek: like doesnt make sense at all
[22:57] jduffek: "we cool right"
[22:58] Jim McKay: heh. hug time
[22:58] jduffek: then i said something about " you dont need to buy me a drink, its cool"
[22:58] jduffek: and he got more pissed
[22:58] jduffek: then i said "you know...ill just shut up..."
[22:59] jduffek: he said, "you want to go outside and straighten this out"
[22:59] jduffek: i took a second and said, "yeah sure, lets go outsidE"
[22:59] jduffek: JOKINGLY
[22:59] jduffek: but he got up and started walking
[22:59] jduffek: and i didnt
[22:59] jduffek: he takes a few steps, comes back, "wtf"
[23:00] jduffek: im like, "dude, you are like two of me....i dont see us fighting, not fair...etc"
[23:00] jduffek: he talks some shit and i kind stand my ground
[23:00] jduffek: we're a few feet away....but my heart was know....
[23:01] Jim McKay: yeah
[23:01] jduffek: then the bartender tells him to get out
[23:01] jduffek: missing some shit but...
[23:01] jduffek: he argued with bouncer comes over...after a minute or so i go outta the way
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[23:02] *** "Jim McKay (" signed on at Fri Dec 03 23:02:39 2010.
[23:02] jduffek: then a minute or so later EVERY bouncer or dude that works there....cept owner is swarming in
[23:02] jduffek: whats the last message you got?
[23:02] jduffek: i got disconnected i think....
[23:03] *** The active resource for this window has changed to "Talk.v1045775F97D".
[23:03] Jim McKay: from there? nothing i don't think
[23:03] jduffek: wheee
[23:03] jduffek: lol
[23:04] Jim McKay: lul
[23:04] jduffek: ok so then the bouncer dudes get ahold of his big ass...he almost hit one of them....
[23:04] jduffek: theres a side door with a two-three step down to the cub
[23:04] jduffek: chuck his ass out and i guess he fell on his face
[23:04] jduffek: i saw them throw him out
[23:04] jduffek: but unfortunately i didnt see the dude on his face...
[23:05] jduffek: anyway...i got back to seat....
[23:05] jduffek: try to chill...from then on that night my drinks were free...which i have to admit, was fuckign awesome
[23:05] Jim McKay: oh man
[23:05] jduffek: i even had a little cash and TRIED to buy drinks
[23:05] jduffek: a few times
[23:05] jduffek: they wouldnt let me
[23:05] Jim McKay: heh
[23:05] Jim McKay: rad :)
[23:06] jduffek: i went outside...and THE DUDE WAS STILL THERE
[23:06] jduffek: he called the fucking cops
[23:06] jduffek: like every bouncer dude was blocking the doorway in
[23:06] jduffek: the cops showed up
[23:07] jduffek: i went back inside cause i didnt want him seeing me again
[23:07] Jim McKay: yeah for real
[23:07] jduffek: a few minutes later they had him in the car and took him to jail
[23:07] jduffek: apparently the cops knew him...hes like austins epic beard man
[23:07] Jim McKay: lol
[23:07] jduffek: always in the drunk tank etc
[23:08] jduffek: it was pretty wild tho...the dude was like 6'4" or so
[23:08] jduffek: had to be 350
[23:09] jduffek: he was scramin and cussin at the bouncers when they tried to get him to leave
[23:09] jduffek: he straight up wanted a fight from the moment he walked in
[23:10] jduffek: i tried not to get into it...but...i dunno
[23:10] jduffek: aaron said, "the most timid dude at the bar...and he starts a fight with him"
[23:11] Jim McKay: it's true tho prolly
[23:11] Jim McKay: his agenda i mean
[23:11] jduffek: all of it yeah
[23:11] Jim McKay: hah, bitchin
[23:11] jduffek: if someone talks to me...ill answer
[23:11] jduffek: and then ill make bs conversation....idk im socially awkward
[23:12] jduffek: not expecting ex-con mentality i guess
[23:12] jduffek: lol
[23:12] Jim McKay: yeah, i'm kinda the same way
[23:13] jduffek: like me and you go to a bar...we have fun
[23:13] jduffek: not looking for fights
[23:13] jduffek: fuck jail man....
[23:13] Jim McKay: yeah
[23:13] jduffek: it costs too much :)
[23:13] Jim McKay: i bet
[23:14] jduffek: take my word for it :)
[23:15] jduffek: i think i should blog this chat
[23:15] jduffek: lol
[23:15] jduffek: "my thanksgiving"

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