Thursday, March 31, 2011

part two!

hipster music appreciation hour

Here are three hipster bands that have recently impressed me by stepping out of hipster cliches and creating new styles with their music.

Die Antwoord. These guys are nuts. If you listen long enough, I'm pretty sure you'll start to kind of like them. :)


One of their big budget vids

their first big hit, music starts before the 1:00 mark

I found this gem today, a guy covering the single by Die Antwoord on acoustic guitar:

Next is Sleigh Bells. They take cues from metal and hip hop and blend the two seamlessly. I like their sound a lot.


super cool fan-made music video:

Lastly today, the most recent emerging hipster group I've come across is Salem. They helped create a new genre of music called "witch house" with their sound. Notable druggies, their first album was titled 'Yes I smoke crack'. Their unique sound mixes the tense feelings of a horrific crime scene with screwed and chopped Southern rap, and atmospheric female vocals. Very spooky, very crunk.

Salem is:

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tmd presents: music appreciation hour.

Here is a selection of some of team mcduff's lesser known recordings:

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