Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dane's Hand.

This weekend we had a flatland contest (Texas Flatland Roundup 6) that happens every year. This year the vibe was great! We had a really good DJ kicking tunes and a lot of really good riders show up. Outside where we were riding there was a BBQ competition, so all day the smell of food cooking was in the air, and we could grab something to eat right there. A couple vendors even sold beer, which ended up making things interesting :)

During practice I noticed a certain blonde gentleman standing on the sidelines, just calmly checking it out. Sure enough it was Dane Beardsley! I've never spent time with Dane, but after this weekend I can say that in addition to being one of the sickest riders around, he's a heck of a nice guy and a lot of fun to ride with.

The contest was good, the jam at the OG the night before was good, and the jam at the OG after the contest was good. A lot of riding went down! The OG (Oltorf Garage) is where we ride here, and it's become a bit of a flatland mecca. Every rider passing through tries to get out to it and ride there.

After the contest, some of us went straight there to get some more riding in. Dane wasn't sure how to spell it, so he wrote it down on his hand to make finding the exit easier. In two full days of riding, this is the one and only picture I took, and I dig it.

This is Dane's hand, with Oltorf on it. rad, man :)

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