Wednesday, December 1, 2010

how i deal with winter

there's nothing pro about how i'm handling this winter.
past winters have been the best time of year for me. the cold and wind makes every second count when i'm riding and i usually learn some stuff then. this winter has been rough, and it hasn't even started yet. i can't tell you how stupid i think daylight savings time is right about now.
i'm still in search of a daily place to ride at night. maybe i'm too picky. i'd like it lit tho, and flat if possible.

so this is the best one i've found,by far. it's hard to see it in the picture, but it rides really small. it's narrow too.
on the plus side, there's never anyone there and it's kinda flat. the light is really far away, so when i ride i see many shadows. that makes it more difficult for me.

the last thing I want to do this winter is be off the bike and getting softer instead of harder, i mean really. no one wants that.

so, when i have some "me time" that i can't use to look for places to ride, i listen to viking metal in 10 second bursts and fantasize about riding with nightvision goggles.

i try to stay fit. tomorrow I'll ride, one way or another. peace.


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