Monday, September 13, 2010

patriot jam wrapup.

This was a fun jam. A lot of local riders came out to ride on a beautiful sunny day. Really stoked on the turnout and the fun vibe on this! We did a lot of tricks. After riding all day, we caravaned 11 cars to the house and got ready for some Mexican food and party time. Then we put on Bone Deth: Surfin' for the ugly broads and basically stayed pretty rowdy for the rest of the night. It definitely set the tone. I had fun. :)
Big thanks to everyone that came out, I had a great time it was a real treat to see everyone again. Thanks to TenEyck Media and BMX Freestyler for covering this event!

The Patriot Jam 2010 from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Mark has a report and a bunch of pictures from the jam up here

and TenEyck Media has a lot of really great pictures up also right here

don't act like you've never gotten drunk and put stickers on the cat before

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