Saturday, April 17, 2010

casa del mcduff...housewarming party - gift register.

things i need:

for the guest room:

or these:

definitely one of these:

or this for diy style:

maybe some lockers?

soap making machine:

upstairs bathroom:

my office:

for the downstairs bathroom:

BUY 2 NOW!!11

and definitely this:

(with green lasers in case catfish comes over)

so we can update mcduff blog and work from the pooper:


and at some point...i need a new bed:

living room:


personal chef:

on weekends:

for the garage:


i need some tools and a place to put them:

jim suggested a blow up pool and a slab in the backyard like terry has:

moar bmx chicks:

live bands?



special guest pro rider:

what am i missing?

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